Study in Canada from Nigeria

Study in Canada from Nigeria


With more than 4,00,000 international students from different countries, Canada is one of the most desirable destinations for safe and quality education. This number keeps growing every year mainly based on the excellent studying and employment opportunities. Apart from these, other important reasons gratify international students to pick Canada. Yes, from the beautiful cities and provinces to the world’s best universities, Canada stands out in the competition in every essential aspect. Do you know? Nigerian immigration to Canada has now tripled, which makes them the fourth biggest represented group in the country. If you’re someone from Nigeria, who wishes to pick Canada for higher education, you’re in the right place

Get benefited from the friendly immigration pathways:

The complete immigration process is not tedious with the proper and necessary documentation. Yes, anyone from Nigeria can get into Canada with Nigeria Student Express (NSE), a pilot initiative for Nigerian aspirants who have been taken to a Canadian post-secondary institution. Canada is renowned and appreciated for such a friendly immigration process. The main advantage of preferring NSE is that it can shorten the time frame of getting a study permit from eight weeks to 20 days.

High quality of education, of course

Who doesn’t know this Irresistible fact? Yes, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is the quality of education in Canada. If you’re a Nigerian who wants to stand out with high educational standards, you should prefer Canada. In common, you will be equipped with a globally recognised certificate and qualified for jobs anywhere in the world.

Ready to experience a diverse culture:

Not only from Nigeria, but students worldwide are also desperate to enrol in Canadian universities. Thus, you would experience living, interacting, and sharing with people from different nationalities and religions. Canada is culturally diverse and has English and French as its official languages. In common, aspirants may find barriers with language when moving into a new country; Nigerian aspirants won’t find problems. Also, Canada is the right study destination to prefer when it comes to safety.

Welcome to the land of opportunities:

Some top study destinations have severe restraints on being a student and having a job. As a land of opportunities, Canada, with friendly work policies, a Nigerian student can work and study safely without any restrictions. Also, there is a high availability of job openings in various fields. 

Stay options in Canada after graduation:

Nigerian students also have the chance to become permanent residents (PR) after their studies in Canada. For making a happy living, business, working in the top companies, with a friendly permanent resident legislation, you can make it easy

Best Course to Study in Canada?

Business Management

In general, business management is considered a versatile degree that can lead to employment in a wide range of sectors. Although several universities worldwide offer business diplomas, we can see the rising numbers of students studying in Canada. This is now popular among the minds of people as well as recruiters who are ready to pick business management graduates from recognised universities.

Health and Medicine

Aspirants who are interested in pursuing a career in Healthcare and Medicine can prefer the top medical courses. The number of Nigerian applicants who wish to study medical courses has increased in recent years in various courses that include biotechnology, nursing and dentistry, pharmacy, biological science, and bioinformatics.


Are you interested in studying Engineering related courses? You have made the right decision. Yes, engineering is the most sought-after course in Canada. The course is precious for a well-professional engineer and brings you enormous opportunities in various industries. Some of the best engineering courses are petroleum engineering, mining, computer systems engineering, etc.


Canada is highly recognised as one of the world’s renowned legal institutions. This tells that if you’re interested in picking law, you will be thoroughly and correctly taught and interested in any discipline of law. Several universities offer comprehensive law courses in Canada for global understudies like criminal law, business law, tax law, etc. When it comes to job possibilities, it is plentiful.

TOP Universities to Study in Canada

Canada University is recognised for its rigorous academic standards and modern teaching methods. Leading deciding authorities like QS world university rankings and The Higher Education rankings actively appreciate the universities with top rankings. These rankings are made by several criteria that include best overall, highest quality, most innovative, leads of tomorrow. Nigerian students have a wide range of opportunities when picking Canadian universities. Yes, below is the list of top rankers for 2022.

S.NOTop universities to study in Canada for Nigerian students
1Mount Allison University
2Acadia University
3Cape Breton University
4Brock University
5Cambrian College
6Fanshawe College
7Georgian College
8Kings University
9Nipissing University
10Niagara College

Cost of Studying in Canada for Nigerian Students

A student from Nigeria can pursue higher education in Canada with an affordable premium fee structure. Yes, a plethora of courses from top institutions are available with the most cost savings. Generally, it can be taken into consideration with factors like the university you are going to study and the degree that is undertaken. 

In common, the colleges in Canada set their fee structure, and these may get varied based on other additional elements like home or international students and undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. The average cost for Nigerian students to undertake courses in Canada may range from CAD 20,000 to CAD 30,000.

S.NoUniversity Average Annual Fees (CAD)
1Mount Allison University$19,040
2Acadia University$21,049
3Cape Breton University$18,515
4Brock University$22,050
5Cambrian College$24,360
6Fanshawe College$14,467
7Georgian College$19,850
8Kings University$15,612
9Nipissing University$23,300
10Niagara College$28,603

Cost of Living in Canada

Living costs in urban countries is one of the important considerations for all. This is more certain for international students who wish to study in Canada. Commonly, many aspirants prefer on-campus housing for safety, availability and flexibility, which are not the best options for cost-cutting. However, many affordable options are available in off-campus facilities through which maximum savings can be done. Living costs may vary from city to city depending on where the university is located, and it is better to make an option by the university you apply to. Pick the cities and the corresponding universities based on the expenses you can make. 

CategoriesMonthly Cost (CAD)
Food & drinks200 – 600
Local Transportation 80 – 120
Books and Study Material200 – 350
Movie ticket12 – 14
Health Insurance costVaries
Miscellaneous500 – 1000

Study in Canada Requirements

Generally, each university in Canada has its own sets of expectations from international students. These sets of information can be obtained from the corresponding study institution. However, collectively, some basic requirements need to be met. 

Nigerian students who want to pursue Canadian universities must have WAEC or NECO results. 

What Exams are Required to Study in Canada?


English proficiency is an important entry element which is tested using IELTS, an internationally owned and well-known direct evaluation exam. Thus, universities of Canada request IELTS test reports from Nigerian applicants. The acceptable level of IELTS score is 5.0 to 7.0. This is mainly based on the courses and university you are going to apply to.


One of the important requirements for getting admission to a Canadian university is TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). It tests the quality of people who intend to study or work where English is the primary communication language. The most common University in Canada needs a minimum TOEFL score of 580.

PTE Requirement

Most Canadian universities in Canada recognise PTE qualifications. It is an effective way to assist your acceptance letter from accredited Canadian study centres. For a Nigerian student, a PTE score ranging from 50 to 63 is adequate to get into a university.

Scholarship to Study in Canada

Careful financial planning is essential to study in Canada. A plethora of financial assistance is now available from top Canadian universities for Nigerian students. Well-defined funding options and programs are available for Nigerian students, mainly regarded as of high academic standing. Generally, Nigerian scholarships are classified as government funding, scholarships from individual Canadian educational institutions, home country scholarships, etc. It is better to have a pre-plan on the types of scholarships you’re going to apply for and make sure you’re eligible for them.

Canada University Scholarship Name Benefits
Nipissing UniversitySchulich Scholarships$7,000
Niagara CollegeEnglish for Academic Preparation Scholarship$750 – $1,500
Graduate Certificate Scholarship$2,000
Brock UniversityBrock Scholars Awards$22,050Tuition fee discount rewards
Fanshawe CollegeInternational ASEAN Language Excellence Entrance AwardTuition fee discount rewards

How to Apply for Canada Student Visa?

Nigerian aspirants who want to study in Canada must get a study permit. This study permit can be acquired by students when they arrive in Canada. Prior to that, students must acquire a Temporary student visa which is offered by the Canadian High Commission and facilitated by the Visa application centre.

Eligibility criteria

  • DLI, Designated Learning Institute must accept applicants from Nigeria 
  • Students need to prove that they have adequate funds to pay their tuition fees and living expenses 
  • There should be no criminal records, and students must have a clean background.  
  • A health checkup is mandatory, and you should provide a medical certificate which certifies that you are in good health.

Documents need to be submitted

Valid Passport: 
As per the Canadian High Commission, you must have a valid passport covering your stay in Canada. 

Proof of Acceptance by DLI: An acceptance letter from Designated Learning Institution DLI is mandatory. The immigration department recognises particular DLI. 

Proof of funds: Aspirants must submit proof of funds. Based on the current standards, you would be asked to prove that you have enough funds to pay the tuition fees and accommodation. 

How to study in canada?

Pick the right university 

The very first step to starting your study Canadian dream is to pick a suitable university. Canada is the home to the top universities in the world; there is a wide range of options for you. Generally, you can filter out the best options by considering some criteria that include courses they offer, fee structure, scholarship, fee waivers, etc.

Get the essential documents ready 

In common, most universities have their own set of documents that must be submitted when you apply. However, it is better to stay aware before saving time and effort. Below are the lists of documents expected by the universities for Nigerian students. 

Apply for your visa:

Finally, apply for a visa and study permit. You must start this application as soon as you get your offer letter. It is because Nigerian students cannot stay in Canada without a proper visa.

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