Migos – Modern Day

Migos – Modern Day

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Another exclusive song modern day from songwriter and rapper  migos

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Migos – Modern Day Full Lyrics below:

Yeah (suu), let’s take a modern day stroll (woah)
This is the modern day, hoe
Last time I checked, we was runnin’ the globe (go)
I’m ’bout to go fingerfold
Two knock two times, it’s a brick at the door (two time)
Somebody blowin’ up lil’ mama phone (brrt)
Lil’ nigga just come get your hoe (brrt-brrt)
I’m talkin’ Patek on the wrist (ooh), baguette go and dance on a bitch (‘guettes)
You know that bitch too thick (yeah), you can’t even see the pants on that bitch (bad)
The way that we spinnin’ (yeah), spinnin’ in hellcats, goin’ Taz on a kit (spin)
She wanna pop a G6 (pop), she suckin’ on dick until six (eugh)
I make a movie, I’m goin’ Michael Bay (yeah), Huncho the sensei (‘cho)
The way that I’m movin’, we goin’ motorcade, move the tactical way (tacti’)
I need the backend this way (backend), somebody packin’ this way (packin’)
She get to clappin’ that way (that way)
You don’t got the answers like Sway (yeah) (sway)
Fuck it, I’m coolin’ (woo), I’m in the coupe with the top
And I’m wavin’ the coolant (wavin’)
Switch and go doolie (yeah), with a bad bitch
And I play with her mind and her coochie (coochie)
I’m still Ratta-toolie (woo)
I got a pipe that’s so big it look like Chattahoochie (whip)
We not the Fugees (yeah), I’ll go foolie if a nigga try to Three Stooge us (uh)
Break a brick down, nigga, break a brick down, nigga (yeah) (brick)
Break a bitch down, nigga, break a bitch down, nigga (yeah) (bitch)
Word around town, nigga, heard your ass get around, nigga (heard)
Get the fuck from ’round nigga, you ain’t even from the town, nigga (yeah)
Where the fuck he came from? (Where?)
When she see the Don she givin’ me some, the ‘Rari came red like a plum (red)
The streets like the sound, I gotta ride with a drum, keep smoke in my lungs (smoke)
Arabian bitch in the passenger seat (woo), now she got a illegal bomb (bomb)
Baguette, the charm, rainbow, Daytona, I like to charm the arm (charm)
That bitch is borin’, oh, that’s your main? Come get her, can’t help it, she gone
Count up a bag, but know we ain’t tourin’
If it ain’t my money, I think it’s annoyin’
Pop me a Perc’ with a cup full of purp’ (purp’)
When I hop in the ‘vert with no key and I storm (skrrt)
BB the belt and I VV the arm (BB)
Hop on the P-J, go visit the farm (phew)
Ain’t no one out there, whatever you on
Put that lil’ boy ’cause my money grown
I know some niggas got rich off of zones (rich off of zones)
Made double digits off Apple iPhones (brrt)
Throw that shit on, I get fly like a drone
Put dick in her once, she won’t leave me alone (leave)
Kapital bones, the wallet is chrome
They say that the opp’ been lovin’ the song
Eat up the dab when they come around
And then go and put everything we got on
If I got a plate, you know that he ate
I’m too blessed and one thing I can’t do is hate (nah)
I like what you doin’, just humble yourself
And know we the ones that opened the gate (open the gate, uh)
Break a brick down, nigga, break a brick down, nigga (yeah) (brick)
Break a bitch down, nigga, break a bitch down, nigga (yeah) (bitch)
Word around town, nigga, heard your ass get around, nigga (hey)
Get the fuck from ’round nigga (woo, woo, woo)
You ain’t even from the town, nigga (Offset)
Big body Urus (big body), fast and the furious (vyoom)
Grippin’ my MAC, watch the rear of the mirror (who that?)
Baguettes on my neck, on the Lear’, I’m superior (Lear’)
Two-fifty each ear, what you say? I can’t hear (huh?)
Shoot dices, my prices, they lower than Sears (low)
She ride the dick, speed it up by the gear (go)
Dropped out of school ’cause I didn’t wanna hear (nah)
I was thinkin’ ’bout makin’ a M every period (yessir)
Got my shit out the block (block)
17, hot, tryna plot on the guap (hey)
Fuck that bitch, I had to go and get a knot (knot)
I was on the block, ain’t knowin’ ’bout a yacht (who?)
Stick in my crotch, Audemars watch (bah)
Burberry shots, I was curvin’ a thot (curve)
Got baby KK a Birkin, why not? (KK)
Bought a AK, fell in love when I shot (AK)
We beat ’em in dough (what else?), we beat ’em in hoes (what else?)
We beat ’em in clothes (what else?), we beat ’em in Lambos on the road (whatever)
Hold up my wrist, it got rocks, like Hov (Hov)
These boys are my kids, don’t talk no more (shh)
I’m stuffin’ dick in the back of this hoe (huh)
My Rollie got Skittles, you taste the rainbow (Skittles)
Kick down the door, lay ’em down, Kurtis Blow (god)
Cop on the low, in the Nawf, it don’t go (nah)
Bad, but bitch ain’t got nothin’ to give (shawty bad)
I’m the dad in this industry, I got some kids (dad)
She wanna fuck me, I know, I can see it (I can see it)
Just for some clout, niggas jump off a bridge (clout)
I had the drop on the opp, and we slid (drop)
I don’t be gamblin’, my dawg, that’s the wig (wig)
Make the money eight ways, I’m a squid (eight ways)
He tellin’, he yellin’, he work with the pigs (woo)
Break a brick down, nigga, break a brick down, nigga (yeah) (brick)