lil durk – computer murders

lil durk – computer murders

lil durk – computer murders Download Free mp3 and mp4 on loadedbeatz

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Another exclusive song computer murders from songwriter and rapper  Lil durk

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lil durk – computer murders full lyrics

No auto, grrah
Smurk, yeah
(TouchofTrent be wildin’ with it)

Check on your mans, I heard he got hit in his head
But he almost died so I can’t say his name ’cause he ain’t dead
How you let a nigga vouch for you who just got off the feds?
Sneaking pics at Von mural like lil’ bro won’t come out and spin
He ain’t heard of [?] so he still don’t count, I still will give him ten
I got hoes all on socials, fuckin’ opps, them hoes dead
I don’t let ’em play with Varney, I’m still waitin’ on my chance
I don’t let ’em play with Varney, I’m still waitin’ on my chance
If Varney say a n1gga dead then the n!gga dead
If Varney say a n!gga dead then the nigga dead
Lil’ bro you can hop in here, this bitch a hot car
They like, “Bro, it’s Nuk”, nah, it’s Smurk, n!gga, fah, fah, fah
You can’t play no games, you can play with other n!ggas, nah, nah
You ain’t from my block if you ain’t know Taiski, Budda and [?]

…feel like nine years
That’s my city on Pluto grave, I let him shine still
And I don’t speak on shit on blood, but niggas dyin’ still
Take me a n!gga bitch like my whip ain’t on the line still
We lost real members, but the city know they down still
Every time they up, we catch us one, them n!ggas clown still
Fuck your YG, comin’ on the block, we don’t got time for him
Catch his head, headshot
Make me hit his head for real
That boy laced’ off uh pill (Man, what?)